VIDEO: Steven J. Lawson, "We Buy the Truth"

In John Bunyan's classic, Pilgrims Progress, Pilgrim encountered within Vanity Fair a market of all kinds of goods: houses, lands, titles, lusts, pleasures, and every other carnal delight one can imagine. All of them promised happiness apart from God. Yet Pilgrim and his companion, upon being asked what they wanted to buy, said, “We buy the truth.” In this session, Dr. Steven J. Lawson describes how Christians, in a world of vanity, are called to seek and proclaim the truth.

This message is from the 2015 Ligonier Ministries Regional Conference, Pilgrims in Progress.

Dr. Steven J. Lawson

Dr. Steven J. Lawson is President and founder of OnePassion Ministries, a ministry designed to equip biblical expositors to bring about a new reformation in the church. Dr. Lawson hosts The Institute for Expository Preaching in cities around the world. Dr. Lawson is also a Teaching Fellow for Ligonier Ministries, where he serves on its board. Moreover, he is Professor of Preaching and oversees the Doctor of Ministry program at The Master’s Seminary, where he also serves on its board. Dr. Lawson is also Professor in Residence for Truth Remains, a work designed to promote and proclaim God’s written Word. Further, Dr. Lawson serves as the Executive Editor for Expositor Magazine published by OnePassion Ministries.